Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance involves more than just covering the costs of lost or damaged physical assets.  No matter the size of your business, it may be beneficial to invest in coverage for your building, equipment, inventory, and more.  The River Company’s experienced commercial insurance agents can assist you with obtaining the right plan to protect your business.

Business Income & Extra Expense

Protect your business—and your employees’ income—from losses that affect day-to-day operations with business income and extra expense coverage.

Mechanical Breakdown

Mechanical breakdown insurance provides peace of mind for business owners who would be sidelined by mechanical failure.  In some cases, these policies can include relocation costs in the event of closures.

Electronic Equipment & Data

Electronic equipment insurance can cover the cost of electronic devices, while data insurance policies provide protection in the event of damaged data such as proprietary software or databases.


Commercial crime insurance protects your business when losses are caused by crimes committed by employees or other parties.  These crimes can include theft, forgery, fraud, extortion, and more.


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